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I would like to give a review on the best online Investment Company, OIL RICHES. It is a very reliable company that created a High Yield Investment Program (HYIP) which gives you 100% assurance safety on your investment. Its profit rate depends on the amount you invest – the bigger you invest, the bigger your profit rate will be (profit rate ranges from 4%-2700%).

It is an investment program I have also being investing my resources into all along and has being delivering as promised which is more reason why I can give you 100% guarantee on the programme.


OIL RICHES is a legit registered Canada based Investment company - Fellowship
It invest in real oil and gas capital market, it’s a very good opportunity, with a 7 years of experience – It opened its online investment platfrom on the 25th February 2013 (Its Canada Company Licence Number is CA54219002 )

Check on the internet for its domain registrar here:

Registrant Contact:
  Fellowship Investments
  Keith Hunt
  1498 Eglinton Avenue
  Toronto ON M4P1A6

OIL RICHES is a fully guaranteed investment because it has a contract with a big word know Insurance company for possible loss.

5 Reasons why OIL RICHES investment program is more preferable than other investment programs.

1. It works 7/7. This means it operations cover from Monday to Sunday. This is very interesting in the sense that OIL RICHES pays you profit on weekend days too.

2. Unlike many other investment programs, OIL RICHES pays you your capital+the profit you have made immediately your investment days expires. Thereby, if you so wish, you can immediately withdraw your money (capital+profit) or re-invest for another period and get higher profit.

3. It has a perfect relationship with all its investors. You can easily make complains or tell them about any difficulties you are passing through with your account and 100% response is guarantee from their admin mails. Many other investment programs won’t continue to do this immediately they discover you have deposited your money with them.

4. Unlike many other investment companies, OIL RICHES have bigger investors from Russia, Indonesia, Nigeria and Saudi countries – these members invested private (not via website) millions of dollars in their programs – that means enough money is guaranteed to pay all their smaller investors.

5. Unlike many other HYIPs, OIL RICHES disclosed its 1st year plan which covers at least 1 year uninterrupted operation (From 25th February 2013- 25th February 2014), after which its committee will decided if to continue the programme for another year or not. WAO!!! No investment programme will ever disclose such secret to you.

4 simple steps on how to start investing your money with OIL RICHES

 OIL RICHES works for your profit – since it’s an investment program, this means all you need to do is only deposit your money with them after your deposit go to bed and wait for your profit, only withdraw your big-big profit when the deposit period end.


Create your own Oil-Riches account on their website through this link: http://oil-riches.com/?ref=nicefaze007
For investment they use LR USD (liberty reserve usd) e-currency and more rarely PM USD (perfect money) e-currency.

Note: e-currency (online currency) can only be exchanged via exchangers.

If you don’t have LR account first you must open one here: https://www.libertyreserve.com/en/registration

Right after, you must buy /exchange LR money - using one of verified exchangers service http://www.libertyreserve.com/en/exchangers

Choose exchanger according to your payment preference (wire, direct cash deposit, etc)

It’s very easy – for example, you can use bank wire, or do a cash deposit for exchanger and the exchanger return LR USD to your LR account through which you can now make your deposit to your OIL RICHES account.

For people investing from Nigeria, I recommend the following LR exchangers for you:

For people from other part of the world, visit
http://www.libertyreserve.com/en/exchangers to choose from a list of exchangers the one you prefer most. Open an account with one of this exchanger and initiate an exchange (buy Liberty Reserve usd).


When you have the LR USD simple login your oil-riches user panel, go to make deposit section and follow all steps from here:

Select an investment plan, under in page write the amount you will invest in the Amount to Spend box, select money source (Spend funds from ) and push Spend button - you will redirected to your LR account to can make the deposit.

The minimal deposit is 1 usd the maximal is 100,000 usd - but the profit rate depends much on your invested amount, so if your wallet can buy a bigger amount go for it.

Profit rate depend on deposited amount – the bigger you invest, the bigger your profit rate will be (profit rate ranges from 4%-2700%).

You can all time calculate your profit before you invest - go to Make Deposit section and you will see to each plan attached a calculator, the white link Calculate your profit - write in calculator the amount you will invest, select the investment period (days) from calendar and you will see exactly how much money you will get back after the deposit period end (this amount is compounded from your initial investment + profit).

i-Link Technological Services,

For more info and assistance on OIL RICHES investment and others, contact me on +2348074521866 or mail haasdammy6060@yahoo.com

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